Monday, April 8, 2013

"Do your students like Kpop?"

Cinthya asks: "Well, since i know you are a middle school teacher, can you write a line or two about how k-pop idol affects your students? are your students a huge fans of them too?"

 First of all, thank you for your question! I'm more than happy to answer. A lot has happened these past few months, (which i will slowly get around to explaining!) so now I work at an elementary school. I'll give you the perspectives from both.

First of all, if you live anywhere else in the world, kpop fans tend to be a bit... crazy. Haha! When I say crazy, I don't mean 'saesang' fans which follow their idols in taxis and spy on their houses. I just mean they tend to be a bit obsessive. I used to be a bit that way too when I first got into Kpop. So, people hear these crazy stories and think all kpop fans here in Korea are like that. Nope.

Middle school and elementary kids are just like kids anywhere else in the world. They might obsess a bit over a certain band, much like my age group did over Nsync and Backstreet boys back in the day. They act just like kids do. They'll love a band for a year or two then slowly grow out of it.

In middle school I was able to talk to my students about Kpop quite a bit. I'd say kpop idols affect students just like any other idol anywhere else in the world. There's really not much of a difference. There are some that are crazy for kpop bands, and some that could really care less.

The one difference I did notice, however, was the gender fanbase. It is perfectly acceptable for male students to like all male bands. They look up to them and even try to dress like them at times. Of course, they prefer girl bands more!

As for elementary students... there are a few bloomers that love Kpop bands, but really they haven't gotten into it yet. I was surprised when I introduced myself to 20 classes of students and only a handful had recognized my favorite kpop band.

If anyone ever has any questions, feel free to ask!


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