Sunday, May 20, 2012

A present from one of my students~!

Lantern Festival

Friday there was a Lantern Festival in Korea.  It is every year and it represent's Buddha's birthday.  Though we don't celebrate it, it was nice to see the festivities anyway. I was suppose to see a bunch of places on this day, but Christine couldn't make it. So, Trenton and I cut it short and went together.

First we had ramen and sushi.

These fish were our favorites, having lit lanterns above the water.

The Zoo

This past weekend I went to the largest Zoo in Korea. (quite larger than our own zoo at home, we spend the day there and didn't see even half of it) I went with my friend Seungkyu and his church group. 

Seungkyu is the white shirt, front right.

I didn't take many pictures because the zoo here was just like the zoo's at home, just bigger. So I was lazy.

Kim, me and Paul.

Kim and me

My friend Joseph and me.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I spent the day with my friend Daehee, this colorful bridge below is near my house.

I was able to meet some of her church friends, and I'll be visiting her church this weekend.


The spiders and gnats I have no problem with, but there is this bug that is really big and has like a 100 legs that keeps appearing in my apartment. It's horrible. The first one i smashed with my boot.This one was on my ceiling so i threw my shoe at it, then it disapeared!

My friend Juyong has been studying in Missouri for the past half a year and just returned to Korea! So we met for lunch then coffee afterwards.

Korean War Memorial


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