Friday, February 8, 2013

Ice Museum in Seoul

This is one of the rarer known attractions here in Seoul. If you go behind Insadong into Samcheondong, you can find an ice sculpture museum in a basement there.


The party of Five said...

annyeonghasseo , hi Jessica ,please introduce myself, i am cinthya, 23 years old, from Indonesia.Bangapseubnida! I currently read your articles in this blog and , I've found a lot of interesting stuff written here about Korean Life. I have been a huge fan for a long time of many K-pop idol ,such suju,snsd,u-kiss etc.

Well, since i know you are a middle school teacher, can you write a line or two about how k-pop idol affects your students? are your students a huge fans of them too?
thank you for your writing, and please keep inspire me and other reader around the world about life in Korea from your point of view.


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