Friday, February 24, 2012


Though it is true that i've traveled to Korea before, it's different when you have to pack to live there as opposed to just five weeks.  I had to pack for four seasons instead of one. Also, I had to think about all the things I wouldn't be able to find in Korea.  Spices were one.  Granted, I'm not a cook anyway, so I just brought taco seasoning, and lots of it. Also taco sauce.. I'm not obsessed with tacos or anything, i just think it's the only thing I'd be able to cook. 

So I packed a lot of deodorant as well, because that's rare here.  They just do not sweat/smell as much as we do.  Isn't that a nice little factoid? Also tons of pants/skirts, because my size is hard to find here.

 I took two large bags, one carry on bag and one satchel thing. Found out my bags were overweight before I left though, and had to take out 6 more pounds worth. 

I had also packed a container of aloe, which spilled all over my suitcase. Luckily everything was in vacuum sealed bags though! Which you think are lifesavers, because they compact everything, but the weight is still the same so your suitcases end up being super heavy!


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