Thursday, May 3, 2012

Namsam Tower Part 2

So i've been to Namsam Tower before with my friends last year, but Christine and Trenton had it on their Korean "Running man" bucket list so we headed up! It's the highest point in Seoul, a large tower on a mountain.  You can see all of Seoul from the top.  It's actually a very... couple spot.  So we didn't go to the actual top of the tower, but just walked the trails up and down, and explored the area around the base.

Trenton is very much like my brother Brian.  He bought a super expensive camera thinking it would make him into a photographer. Hahaha.. here he is making Christine pose for him.

"Love locks" much like in the US, here is where you write your name and your loved one on a lock and attach it somewhere and throw away the key.

These stuffed animals resembled two of the members from "Running Man."


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