Thursday, January 26, 2012

EPIK Interview

After I was accepted by my recruiter, I was then signed up for an interview with my program.  I was applying for SMOE which is part of EPIK.  So I had an interview from an EPIK employee.

This interview was conducted through Skype.  It took place late at night for me because of the time difference.  This interview is very nerve wracking! The interviewer was very nice, but I was asked a lot of questions that I hadn't been prepared for. They asked me what my teaching mentality was, as well as my personal philosophy. Of course there were a lot of questions on how I would adapt to Korea and culture shock as well. My biggest advice is to be prepared and make sure you look at their website carefully. Also, smile a lot! They enjoy enthusiasm.

The interview lasted roughly 30 minutes, though they can take up to an hour.

It takes a week to find out your result, but my recruiter told me early that I had passed!


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