Thursday, January 26, 2012

Required Documents

Here are the documents needed to teach in Korea. (This specific list is for EPIK/SMOE candidates, but usually applies for GEPIK as well)

1) FBI Check with apostille stamp.

  •  You must send in to the FBI a request for a criminal background check.  IMPORTANT- Add a note in it saying its for teaching abroad in Korea.  There is a special stamp needed on it for this. Ask your recruiter when to apply for one, because if you apply too early, the background check may become expired by the time you go to Korea.  If you ask too late, it may take too long to get all your documents in order.
  • An apostille stamp can be received through sending your background check to Washington to the Office of Authentications.  It takes several months to get it back! So I highly suggest you go there and get it done in one day if possible rather than waiting. 
2)Sealed transcript (Final transcript!)
3) 2 recommendation letters (From either employers or teachers)
4) Dipolma with apostille stamp/Letter from university.
  • If you have not yet graduated from your university, you can get a letter from them, notarized, and used in place of the Diploma temporarily.  You will still have to submit a copy of your diploma and an apostille stamp on it.  This apostille stamp can be made through the state level though, so you don't have to sent it to Washington.
5)TEFL Certificate (Required if you are teaching in Seoul)
6)Residency Certificate (For tax exemption. This can also expire, apply when your recruiter asks you to. It costs $35 and can take over a month)


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