Saturday, April 21, 2012


(These next several posts won't be in the order they have occurred, since I am simply recalling them)

I signed up for a free Korean culture class here that takes place on Tuesdays for a month.  The first one that I went to was a Korean calligraphy class. We learned about how calligraphy played a role in the past King's life and also how Hangul, the Korean writing system was created.  Hangul is actually one of the most efficient writing systems.  It may seem very strange looking to our eyes at first. For example, this is Korean writing: 안녕하세요. (It may not show up on your computer if it is not installed) Each stroke represents how your tongue or mouth is curved when making that shape. You could easily learn how to read their alphabet in a day or two. It's so efficient that random tribes with no writing system adopt it to help preserve their languages.

After we learned, we were able to make our own calligraphy.

 This is with my calligraphy, which says my name and school.

 This is my super awesome friend Christine. Her calligraphy is her name as well.


limin guo said...

Hello!! I came across your blog and was wondering where did you learn your calligraphy from?

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