Monday, April 30, 2012

Times Square: Korea

My friends Christine, Trenton and I all enjoy the Korean TV variety show "Running Man." The premise of the show is that several comedians/actors/musicians are locked into a famous landmark over night and have to complete missions.  The losing team/people are punished afterwards. The great thing about Running Man is that you get to see all of Korea through this show.  So, we decided to make a Korean Bucket List in which we go to as many places in Korea as possible, most of them inspired by this show.

Our first stop was Times Square. Its a large under and above ground shopping center full of restaurants, book stores and it hosts many events.  We started our day with church then arrived here and had mexican food for lunch. We were shocked, it tasted like real mexican! (As in american mexican..) Usually foreign foods tend to have a korean feel to them, much like how chinese food in america is americanized.

Trenton, Christine and Me.

There was a foundtain outside, and we dared Christine to run through it!

On her way back though, she kicked her foot in the air and her wet shoe hit me in the face.

We had Baskin Robbin's for dessert. They had a chocolate fondue thing that was pretty good.


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