Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Korean TV

If any of you are curious as to what kind of set up you get with your TV, here's what its like.

You have your regular korean channels, shopping networks, all the same like the US. They also have a few English channels, like the History Channel, BBC, CNN, CNBC. There is also Arirang, which is a Korean channel for English speakers. There is also a kids channel that shows kids shows in English.

One thing you can count on in Korea is that there is always a CSI episode on somewhere...

You can find english movies occassionally, with korean subtitles.

There are a TON of channels dedicated to learning. I'll be flipping through and see all these test questions and teachers explaining problems... it's really weird actually.

Everything else is pretty normal, they have channels where you go to just to listen to music and so on.


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