Thursday, September 20, 2012

Korean Weddings

I had the great opportunity to go to my first Korean wedding recently.  My co-teacher was getting married and I was invited.  At first I panicked because I didn't have any sort of appropriate clothing, and the best skirt I had was white and layered. I'd always heard to never wear white at weddings.

After talking to my friends though, I found out that all those customs are only american, so you are free to wear any color to Korean weddings.  I wore all black and it was perfectly fine.

The wedding hall was of course very beautiful and decorated how I thought it would be, except for the fact that there were also round tables there beside the rows.  What surprised me first was that the Indiana Jones theme played for a brief moment to start the wedding.  The surprises didn't stop there. People talked through the wedding, the whole time. People were talking, playing on their phones, kids were running around... The final surprise though was when the cake was revealed. It was a tiny cake on these pedastools, with laser lights on it, and to complete the futuristic looking cake, dry ice smoke started pouring out of it...

Besides that weirdness though, it was a very pretty wedding.  My co-teacher was simply beautiful, and two of our students sang at the wedding for her! It was incredibly cute. 

The basic rundown of it was that we showed up and took pictures with the bride. After that we signed the guestbook and gave our gift, which was cash. At Korean weddings you give cash in envelopes, you give either $30, $50 or $100 depending on your relationship with that person.

Afterwards, the officially ceremony began. It was very quick, and afterwards there were large group pictures.

Then, one of the best parts, the buffet. When you give your money you get a meal ticket and it's usually a very big buffet.  It was a mixture of western and korean food.  I had lasagna for the first time since i've been here in Korea and it was amazing.


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