Sunday, October 21, 2012

Advertising in Korea

I recently came across something I'd never seen before here in Korea. Mini commercials.  Of course, in the US and in Korea there are often popups at the bottom of the screen advertising the next show or something, but this was a bit different.

In the upper right corner of the screen, they'd show a commercial during a show. It is like picture-in-picture.  I think it was possibly because the drama I was watching was very long but they wanted to get all their advertisements in. 

Commercials in Korea are weirdly sparratic. You can be watching a drama and have only three commercials during the whole thing, but as soon as it ends its like a ten-fifteen minute span of just commercials.  It all really depends on the channel and what's airing.

They also have advertising on trucks specifically made just to be an advertisment.

Seoul also has a lot of giant big screens outside. Think of Times Square, but many more. Every big area in Seoul has these outdoor screens.

But.. other than that, advertising is nearly the same as anywhere else in the world. It's in your face and everywhere.


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