Monday, October 8, 2012


During my long Chuseok holiday, I was able to spend a day going out with my friends to Everland.  Everland is one of the large amusement parks here in Korea.  It's about an hour from Gangnam station.

This amusement park has many rides and attractions and even has its own zoo.  Having already been to the biggest zoo in Korea though I steered clear of that part and just enjoyed everything else the place had to offer.

Like most amusement parks, the place was crawling with kids.  There was also magical music playing everywhere giving the place an almost fairy like feel with the mystical fake trees and characters everywhere.

I didn't notice it until afterwards, but the park had a bit of a split feel to it.  Half of it was mystical and fantasy themed, and the other half was American 50's themed, with Elvis like costumes, diner's and retro posters at every turn. 

We spend about half our day there, but were only able to ride three rides. This was because we spent a majority of our time exploring, and of course, there were long lines.  The one roller coaster I wanted to ride the most, for example, was a two hour wait and so I'll have to try to ride it again some other time.  The sun was very bright that day so waiting in line was rather torturous for us...

We were going to finish off our day with a haunted house... but it was sold out! However, we finished the day fine as we headed back to the city and grabbed some warm soup and chatting up the cook before heading our seperate ways.


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