Monday, June 11, 2012

B.A.P Fan Signing Event~

Christine and I are both big Kpop fans. One of our particular favorite groups is called B.A.P. They are relatively new but they are very intense.  A lot of Korean groups are known for being cutesy, but this group has a very manly and dark image, which is probably why we like them so much. 

We wanted to see them in person somehow, and we found out about a fan signing.  Fan signings in korea are when a band sits down for about two hours and just signs autographs for their fans.  We were super excited so we went after church.  It took place at I'Park Mall. (which coincidentally is also on our 'Running Man' list, so two birds with one stone) Its a very big mall in the electronics district of Korea.  The thing about the electronic district of Korea is that if you step foot into that part of the mall, you suddenly have ten merchants trying to seduce you to their booth.  It's very overwelming.  They are very good at it too, they put the best looking men there! haha! So you can't make eye contact there at all.  They even speak english to us!

Anyway, we arrived super early because we thought there would be a crowd, and we ended up having lunch then seeing a movie in the mall while we waited. (MIB3, which was surprisingly good!) Afterwards, there was still no crowd at the record store where the signing was, so we went to a cafe and started making cards to give to the members.

These are my cards below.  The band's mascots are these sort of deranged rabbits, so i drew them out and wrote notes to the members on the back of them.

Well it was nearing 7pm and we still didn't see and fans.  it was then I happened to look outside and lo and behold there they were! We had mistaken where it was taking place.  We went to the record store that was sponsoring the event, and not the event stage itself.  Luckily though all the other fans were teenage korean girls so we could see over their heads perfectly.

The other problem we slowly realized was that... the fan signing was only for VIPs. So, we could only watch from afar :( No signatures for us... It was still nice seeing them in person though. The signing was boring since we couldn't participate though, so we grabbed dinner and came back afterwards to see if they'd do anything special at the end, but they were still signing and we didn't see the end in sight. So, we left! But, it was still an incredibly fun day, being a crazy fan with Christine~

^^ Very easily see over the tiny teens heads!


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