Sunday, June 17, 2012

Korean Baseball Game

This weekend I was also able to visit a baseball game. I actually love Korean baseball, it's very exciting. They also cut the game off, unlike American baseball, so it cannot go beyond 3 hours long.  What's special about Korean baseball is again their cheering spirits. It's not just that one person has a noise maker, everyone has one. Every player on each team has a unique song with their name in it that you cheer when they are up to bat.  Also, like stated before, Korean games let you bring food in, so we bought a bunch of chicken and drinks outside and had ourselves a little picnic in the seats.

 Before the game, the seats starting to slowly fill up.

After the seats were filled

 Christine, me and Trenton
 Fancy Baskin Robbin's afterwards.

Something to mention: In seoul, there are a ton of smart screens everywhere.  They are these TV screens out in public where you can look up information. Like in the subway, you can use it's GPS and find out where you are going and how long it will take, etc.


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