Thursday, June 21, 2012

Korean Language Lessons

Despite living in Korea, it is still difficult to 'pick up the language'. Yes, I do pick up random words here and there, but because I am an English teacher, I spend most of my time speaking English. Even in the outside world, instead of me using Korean, Koreans want to practice their English with me.  English is very highly valued in the world.  They believe that if you can speak English, you can achieve anything. 

So, in order to help improve my Korean skills, I learn Korean twice a week from one of my co-teachers.  In return, I help her english and help her prepare to visit and study in America.  Her name is Seong JaYeong. She has been an incredible teacher and friend to me, and we often eat out before hand and we end up gossiping afterwards.  The sad news is that she will be leaving the school in a month.


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