Thursday, June 14, 2012

Korean Soccer

I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend Karen to a soccer match.  We live very close to one another, and we also live near the World Cup Stadium where it was being held. I'd written before that I had shopped at the World Cup Stadium but had never seen a game there. Well, here was my chance!

It was on a Thursday night and the best team, FC Seoul was facing the nearly worst team, Seongnam, so the crowds were light, but that just gave us a better view. (Though that also could have been the crowds looked even smaller due to the massive size of the stadium!) Soccer is a low scoring game, but as I've found with all Korean sports, I didn't get bored at all. It was exciting watching the match and cheering along side of everyone. Our team won of course~

I was talking to Karen's husband, who is a Korean, and he told me that its every Korean man's dream to go to an American sports game. To which I replied, really? You couldn't drag me to an American game.  You just sit there... it's probably the collective society that Korea has that really pulls me into their games.  EVERYONE cheers. All the time. You sing songs with your neighbors...(Or it might just be my crazed obsession with Korea, but I really think there is some truth to it)

Oh, and you can bring your own food and drink into sports games. No more super highly priced drinks! This is also allowed at theatres.

Look at the size comparison of the FC Seoul (above) and the Seongnam (Below)


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