Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Students!

I was lucky enough to obtain some more pictures of my students this past week!

The students below are some of my best students, meaning that they listen to me! These two boys always listen to me, answer questions, and bow when they see me, very respectful! The girls are crazy but in a good way, they are always telling me how much they love me or playing games with me. I caught them at the bus stop and asked for a picture. They are 9th graders.

Below are some more of my 9th graders along with my my coteacher Seong JaYeong. This particular class is a crazy one, the kids run around and yell and don't listen half the time, but still one of my favorite classes.

In the above picture, the boy on the top right and I have an interesting relationship. He loves candy so I make him memorize a new sentence every week and if he can recall it the next week, i'll reward him.

In the picture above, the boy on the far right and I have an interesting relationship.  We met and got off on the wrong foot, but soon after, we became good friends and even have had arm wrestling fights.


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