Sunday, July 8, 2012

School Testing/Levels

Korean Middle school is set up differently than America in many ways, but since my students are currently going through their first set of finals, I'll talk about that.  There are four normal testing periods (with random other ones spread throughout the semesters). First semester has mid terms and finals, and then they have those again second semester.  After first semester the classes and teachers get switched around. So, the systems basically like a college system I suppose.

Anyway, testing is taken very seriously here.  Every classroom during testing must have two teachers in it to prevent from cheating. I've had to watch many classes. Also, they turn the desks around on the students so they can't look inside to cheat.

To further prevent cheating, every test paper is checked by four different teachers and is stamped with their individual names. Their answer sheets are also stamped during class during these times as well. To further protection, any type of reflective surface is covered with paper.

To be honest, watching the testing kids can be quite boring, but I don't mind because it's just another one of my duties as a teacher. Also, during testing days, we have half days so we get to go home early.

The children here in Korea take testing VERY seriously. It affects them in many different ways. Not only do their scores help them get into better schools, but in my school it even determines what classes they are in! My school divides students by level so my A level class are my high level students while my D level classes are my low level students.  There are pros and cons to teaching different levels like this.  For example, its nice being able to do activities based on levels, like making easy games for the low level students and hard games for the high level.  However, this also means that all the low level trouble makers are put into classes together, and those classes... can be very difficult to teach.


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