Monday, July 2, 2012

My students and basketball

My middle school is actually quite famous for their basketball team.  When I first found out what school I was going to and looked it up, I saw many pictures of their team online and I was excited to teach at a school that loved the same sport I did.  This year they did exceptionally well, like usual.  They made it very far in a tournament, so far that we were excused from school this past Friday to go watch and cheer at the game. 

It was incredible to watch my students in action.  These are the students that are usually the wild ones in class, and to see them be serious and to play so well...

Our team is white~

I was lucky enough to have my phone with me this time so I got video as well as pictures:

Free throw shot

The female students doing a cheering dance

The male students doing their 'sexy' dance.

My student getting the ball stolen from them, then the other team scoring... yeah I caught a bad moment with this video...


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