Monday, July 16, 2012

My students

Getting pictures of my students is actually incredibly hard. They are at the age where they hate getting their pictures taken. I had taken my phone to my classes in hopes to get some good shots, but even when I snuck a photo the girls would flip and demand that I delete it! The thing about Korea is that all phones are equipped with a shutter sound on their camera that you can't turn off. It's a requirement now to prevent people from sneaking pictures. It's used mostly for perverts, but it seems to work well on teachers trying to sneak photos of their students as well...

I was able to get a few shots though:

The guy above is our basketball ace, grade 9.
My 9th graders trying to fix the computer

The photo below is a rare shot of a student who actually let me take her picture! A 7th grader.


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