Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer School/Education System

Here in Korea, summer school isn't just for low level students needing to catch up. Summer school is a way for students to get ahead. So, a large number of students take summer classes! I was surprised at how many.  There are many different courses to take, and my classes have about 15 students in them.  Its a lot lower key than a regular class though. I tend to talk with my students a bit before class, and sit with them while we work through problems together.  We joke around a lot and play games after we do our required worksheets. 

I teach three classes a day, though one class is technically three hours long. My classes are technically a Summer Camp.  I'll also have to teach a longer winter camp in the winter.

The kids act how you'd expect them to act. Annoyed that they take summer camp! I think most of them do it because their parents make them. 

A lot of people complain that korean parents are too forceful when it comes to education and prefer the American system.  I feel somewhat in the middle.  While I agree that children should have time to be children and play, i also know that going through the american education system I didn't learn a thing.  There are korean children here I can have a full english conversation with.  While I don't think they should have to be in after school classes to night, I think I wouldn't mind an extra class for my kid to build up a strength they'd need later on.  English for example is a great extra class, since its the best way to communicate with anyone in the world.  I just felt in america I never lived up to my potential. I got great grades with little to no effort at all... even in college. I never was the type to study. Im definitely not saying i'm a genius or anything, just that our education system could use some help. I had too many teachers that just gave me the answers to the tests or I could always use me notebook.


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