Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Co-teachers

When I was planning on teaching in Korea, I was told that i'd have a co-teacher to guide me and to teach with.  Little did any of us know that it was possible to have more than one co-teacher. I seemed to hit the lottery and got 8! So, I teach with 8 different teachers. This is a mixed blessing at times.  I usually always teach the classes on my own and the coteacher watches from the back or gives out dicipline or helps translate.  With 8 teachers though its hard to coordinate teaching styles.  With some, i'm fine diciplining my students, with others, I feel embarrassed to dicipline kids so they go crazy.

My school has two foreign teachers, me and Annabel. Annabel is moving to another school so we had a goodbye dinner for her. (Two coteachers are missing from this picture, the two men, hahaha)

Left to right, Song Jin Yeong, Seong Ja Yeong, Lee AeLan, Yang MiLan, Kim Joohee, Annabel, Me, Park Jinsook.


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