Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Konglish is the use of American words in Korea. Though it makes a lot of things easier in some ways, sometimes the words are just weird.

You have regular Konglish which is the korean word for computer is cahm-pu-tah, but then there is the english where you have no idea where it came from. (also, you have to pronounce it that way or they will have no idea what you are saying)

The best example is probably 'skinship'. Koreans use this to express when you touch someone or someone is touchy feely.

Cider here means a type of soft drink like sprite or 7up.  In the USA it's a type of apple juice.

Cunning in Korea means cheating.

Dessert is just something you do after dinner. It isn't necessarily a sweet, it can be coffee or tea.

Hunting isn't about killing animals, hunting here is looking for women.

Toast is a sandwich here, usually toasted but has meat or egg on it.

There are also odd english phrases taught here that every korean seems to know.  For example "Take a rest" is used so often i've even started to use it now. 


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