Thursday, August 9, 2012


 Oh... aegyo... I don't even know where to start. Aegyo is one of those words that we don't have in the English language. We can translate it, but it never really translates right. The closest I think would be 'cutesy'. However, that word doesn't really do it justice.

 For starters, everything is cuter in Korea. They like cute things, so they make a lot of them.  Being cute is also considered a very desireable trait in people. If you can act cutsey, then you have aegyo. Aegyo is... pouting at people, using a baby or higher pitched voice or a nasaly voice, acting innoscent.. and the biggest way to act aegyo is the poses.  Poking your cheek and pouting.... holding up your hands like they are cat paws...

A lot of celebrities during variety shows are always asked to show of their aegyo. It's asked of men too, though some can do it fairly well, the more macho men just look like they want to kill someone.

When foreigners come to Korea and see this, there are mixed reactions. Usually men love it and the women hate it. My friends have expressed how demeaning it is and how childish they think of it.  I on the other hand, don't hate it as much. Why? Because I use it... it's sad but its a way to get things here in korea. Act cutsey, and you'll get a discount.  Besides, I grew up a tomboy so I like being able to show a more feminine side here, as long as no one confuses it with stupidity.


Unknown said...

Hello Jessica. :) My name is Deborah and I'm a retired teacher living in Montana. By accident I found your blog but boy! I'm glad a did. It's a long story but I (again by accident) stumbled on the Korean series, "Boys Over Flowers" on Netflix. That was months ago and other than watching one American film, I've only been watching Korean series/movies! I'm studying Hangul because of it. I love what I call, "singing" languages. Taught French but Hangul fascinates me. Almost everything about South Korea does. I'd love to visit it and especially see Jeju Island along with Seoul (of course.) I'd enjoy asking you questions if you'd have the time?? I sure envy you teaching there. Thank you for explaining this word. One that I've caught myself saying is, "Aigoo, Aigoo. . " Ha! I've never dealt with a person's blog before so I'm wondering if you're still there as this is dated three years ago. ? Hoping to talk to you soon. D

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