Sunday, August 12, 2012

Korean Service

The word 'service' in Korean has a lot more meaning than it does in English.  Service in korean is hard to explain since we do not have a word that correlates. The closest would be 'extras'. Getting 'service' in korea is everything from being served or getting free things at restaurants or stores.  Koreans love freebies.  Every time i go to a cosmetic store, I get about five or six samples of other cosmetics. Or, if its not samples, i'll get a free packet of facial tissues.

Service various from place to place.  At supermarkets 'service' is freebies that are attached to other products that you get for free. So, for example, if I buy detergent, there may be some fabric softener taped onto it for free.  Though, a lot of times the 'service' is very random.  So you could buy a pan and get free toothbrushes. You can sometimes see the older ladies who work at the store walk around with their tape guns and go around taping things together...

Service with food isn't as likely, but it happens as well. I was eating a hamburger the other day and lo and behold, I got free ice cream. Pretty nice.

Above, hamburger cardboard holders, to keep your sandwich from collapsing..?

Below, my free ice cream. As for the spoon, they give you a piece of cardboard and your fold it into a spoon, pretty cool. 


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