Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jeju Island Part 1

For my summer vacation I went to Jeju Island with my friend Christine. Jeju island is an island off the southern coast of Korea, very similiar to Hawaii (I'm told). It's known for a lot of things, such as it's special oranges, or it's old lady divers.

We traveled with a tour group so we didn't have to book any hotel, flight or bus on our own.  We went with the tour group WINK (When In Korea). It was nice because we just payed the fee and they took care of everything for us.  The downside was that it may have been a bit more expensive since we paid for the guide, and the hotel was rather shabby. (We found a cockroach in our room! ah!) Though it was right on the beach!

For the trip we could either take the ferry or take a flight. The ferry ride was like eight hours so we decided to take the hour flight and just pay more for it.  We were very happy we did, as we arrived refreshed and ready for the day while everyone else was exhausted.

After we arrived, we headed first for a place called Loveland.  It's a park dedicated to sculptures on... er... love. It was a very awkward place, and I wouldn't have chosen to go there but it was part of our tour.  I couldn't bring myself to take any pictures there, and of course there were a ton of immature guys (and girls) in our tour group.

After that bought of awkwardness we went horseback riding, which was a lot of fun. Jeju is also famous for their horses so we took about a twenty minute ride around.

After we got to the hotel and unpacked and settled in, we went out to eat some Jeju famous black pig bbq. It was very delicious and we got to know the people in the tour group a bit. There were also some Korean kids there facinated with us and tried speaking in English, so cute!

After our dinner, we headed back to the hotel and ran into a beach party! It was like an open club on the beach. There was a DJ and stobe lights as well. They played a lot of club music so we danced there until it closed around 10:30. It was very weird seeing clubber types mingling with little children and old ladies from the beach. 


Unknown said...

Is this you Jessica? The last picture? I sure enjoy these. Am trying to find on Google Earth what resort everyone stayed at in, "Boys Over Flowers?" Actually there were two. One before the almost marriage and one after. I've recently seen the same resort as the second in, "Playful Kiss" and another in, "Secret Garden" I believe. My favorite of is the series, "Goddess of Marriage" where the main love interests walk the paths of Jeju. I'd LOVE to do that! Again, envying you. :) Thanks for posting all these. Do they also call this beach Algae Beach?

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