Monday, August 20, 2012

River Baptisms

So I was able to experience something really great this past weekened. My church held a water baptism picnic. At first I honestly didn't even think about going. I've been baptised before after all, but I was encourage to go and support. I'm really glad I did!

We took a day trip out of the city and into the countryside. There, we went down into a stream and baptised several members of our church. It was incredible. We started with some simple songs and they ended up continuing through the baptisms.

At my old church, it was so big that you saw baptisms every week, but from a balcony far away. This time I was literally in the water with them!

On the way there we stopped at a rest stop. Curtis, Minjeong and I found a picture taking area. They are members of my Cell group at church. (Small group) Curtis is an American soldier and Minjeong is Korean.

The picture above is our strapping young members digging out a hole in the river so the baptism would be easier. (The water was too shallow)

Above is our worship, just one guitar and multitudes of voices.

 Below, is a church inside of a ship!

We found some really friendly dogs

Above, our boys playing foot volleyball. Which is like volleyball, but you use your feet like soccer instead. It's very popular here in Korea.

Above, our boys and pastors playing soccer together.

Above, us enjoying a mixture of cultures, Korean food and fried chicken! (Curtis, Minjeong, Christine and Me)

Below are some extra pictures from church in general. Below is our newest pastor, Pastor Yoon. He's a Korean american from Chicago.
Below was our latest Friday night International fellowship. Left if Vitalous from Cameron, then one of our Korean worship team members, then Pastor Phil who is a Korean American, then Me and finally Pastor Karen!


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