Sunday, August 19, 2012

Couple Clothing

In Korea there is a big 'couple' culture. Everyone is very lovey in Korea.  I was shocked when I arrived and saw so many couples everywhere.  Its funny because whenever someone new comes to Korea, they always state its one of the things that surprised them the most.  Everywhere you go there are people holding hands. It's very strange to me since there are actually a lot of Koreans who marry for status and security rather than love.  I know a few people who have done this. They tell me that its because they believe that love will fade over time, but if you find someone that you can live with and have a good life with, then that's more important.  I don't necessarily agree, I want to be head over heels when I marry after all, but I do see their point too. I just believe you can have both.

Anyway, couple culture! There is this thing called 'couple clothing'. Young people in love buy the same clothes or matching keychains... cell phone charms... matching shoes even! Now, its popular but it does take a dedicated male to do this.  It's still very embarrassing to a lot of them.


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