Friday, August 17, 2012

Jeju Island Part 2

Day two of our trip was the most condensed. We had plans from 8am to 9pm. Getting up early was troublesome but we managed and headed on our way. Our first stop was the Olle Coast trail #7. Though we didn't take the whole trail, we just went to the main parts such as the Oedolgae Rock (Lonely Rock) and the Jusangjelli Rock Column Formations (Lava formations).

We were also able to dip into some water pools that were on the ocean.  While some of the braver people went into the deep pool, Christine and I went to the 'kiddy' pool and swam around in there with the fish and crabs.

Oedolgae Rock (Lonely Rock)

Lava formations

Next on our list was the Cheonjeyon Waterfalls. They were very beautiful even if they were a bit tough to get to.

Jungmin beach then made the list, but by this time I was getting exhausted from all the hiking beforehand. Also, it was very bright and sunny outside and the beach was packed. Christine and I tried to rest at one of the tables in the shade, but were shooed off because they wanted only paying customers. We walked around a bit, drained, when we saw a bit of a sandy area off to the far side. It was a super tiny beach, maybe only about 50 feet wide and no one was there. We headed down to the rocky area and spent the rest of the time collecting seashells. It was very relaxing, rather than to fight the crowds at the main beach.
After our departure from Jungmin beach we went to the San Bang San Temple and the Dragon Coastal Walk. I've seen a million temples here in Korea, so it didn't hold much interest to me.  The Dragon Coast Walk was amazing though. We walked around this mini mountain around all these cool rock formations and caves.

Our final destination of the day was Jeju City. I have to admit this part of the trip was a little disappointing, but only I think because I live in Seoul, one of the biggest cities in the world. So, Jeju city wasn't anything special.  We had Indian for dinner before heading back to the hotel.


Songs Mirth said...

Finally to identify those fall that were in two series I watched. "Gu Family" and "Syankangkyan Scandal."(sp) So beautiful. Many, many thanks for sharing this vacation with us Jessica. :) Did you see any youth hostels? I've looked online but Jeju doesn't seem to have any although in, "Goddess of Marriage" the couple stayed in what looked like one as her room had bunk beds. Songs

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