Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympics in Korea

Korea loves the Olympics, just as much as they love the world cup.  South Korea was a relatively unknown country years back and they are eager to show off what they can do.

In fact, they are rapidly piling up the metals this year.

The think about Korea, and every other country in the world besides the US, is that the Olympics are live. Since they are in London this year, that means that all the best matches happen at 3am.  This doesn't stop Koreans from celebrating though! I've been seeing a lot of bleary eyed people walking the streets after an intense soccer game that morning. 

Fortunately my building is small, but I heard from others that their apartment complexes were very lively at 3am and they could hear cheering from the games.

A lot of people are asking me, who do you support? America? Korea? Both of course! Though I have to say I'm leaning more towards Korea. It's because Korea is such a great underdog story. Just about fifty years ago they were the epitome of poverty, and now their economy is one of the best in the world.  They were able to rise so quickly, it really shows their strength as a nation.


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