Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jeju Island Part 3

Day three was our last tour day, and it was comparitively a lighter day than before.  We still left at 8am though, and headed for Seong San Il Chul Bong (Crater Mountain Peak).  It was a long hike up the peak and there were a lot of Chinese tourists. So many actually, that it felt as if I were in China rather than Korea.  Our tour guide told us that the two safest places in Korea are the DMZ and Jeju island.  Its because of the Chinese population in Jeju. No one would dare bomb it.

The crater was amazing though, its one of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage locations. (Jeju was awarded THREE of these!)

After the crater, we took a ferry to UDO island. Udo island is a small island just off of Jeju. There we rented scooters and had four hours to ourselves to roam the island and do whatever we wanted.  It takes about half an hour to circle the island.  Christine and I got seperated at the beginning so I just drove around and it was quite relaxing to explore on my own. 

After our scooter rides, we left the island and went to a hedge maze! This was really cool, i'd never been in a hedge maze before.  It was actually really difficult, you don't realize how confused you can get. Some areas you can remember but others look so similar... it took us 20 minutes to reach the end, though near the end we recieved from help from people who had finished and were watching from above. 

After the maze we went to another UNESCO World Heritage site, which was the Manjanggul Caves/lava tubes. These caves were created from lava pouring through. It was quite spectacular, but it was so dark that no pictures could be taken.  It was also very cold, I borrowed someones towel to cover up during it.  It was really interesting walking on what used to be a river of lava.

Afterwards we went back to the city for dinner. Christine and I split off from the group and decided to eat dinner on our own.  We saw a cool looking chicken restaurant covered in grafitii inside and our so we went inside and looked at the menu in horror as we realized it was a chicken gizzard restaurant. It was the only thing on the menu. The waiter brought us our waters while we wondered how to leave without it looking awkward. Finally we just left and didn't look back. We ended up having some nice Japanese instead.

The next day was so relaxing for me. Christine went to go hike the tallest mountain in Korea (8 hour hike!) and there was no tour planned so I slept in, then walked around the beaches for a couple hours, and watched some tv until she came back.
The flowers above were picked by Christine on her 8 hour hike up Mt. Hallasan for me! :)

 It was a very lazy day, she came back and we lazed around for a while before meeting the others for more black pig bbq, then at night we had our own little going away party for just the two of us, which included trying some orange makeoli (korean beer, it was kinda gross) and watching our favorite Korean drama together. (Gakshital) It was our last day, the next day we woke up and headed for the airport home.  


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