Monday, August 13, 2012

Plastic Surgery in Korea

Plastic surgery is huge in Korea because there are a lot of Koreans who are obsessed with their appearance. It's not just women, either.

The biggest surgery in Korea I think is eyelid surgery.  Koreans think that 'double eyelids' are very beautiful.  Now in the west, we don't even know what double eyelids are because it's not something we think about.  We are considered to have double eyelids if you have a fold when your eyes are open. Almost all western people have them.  With asians its split though, some have them, some don't.  So, most korean girls get surgery for this fold above their eye.  It's actually often a graduation gift. Ive known many of my students to have had it done. Of course, if surgery freaks you out too much, there is also a special tape you can use to create the crease above your eye.

Another surgery that is less common is jaw surgery.  Koreans believe that having a V line (pointy chin that curves up like a V towards your ears) is the perfect look. So some have surgery if they have square like jaws.

There is also nose surgeries that are very common as well.  A lot of koreans lack a nose bridge, and in order to give them more contour on their face, they make their noses larger with surgery.

The funny thing about it all is that Koreans actually all look very different, but when they get plastic surgery, that's when they start to look alike.

The picture below is an alternative to jaw surgery, its a face wrap. They have a lot of products like this that are suppose to shape your face.... I personally don't think they work... 


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